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eOrder mobile App for sales manager

Mobile AppWe are proud to announce our newest eOrder mobile App for sales manager which is designed to accept orders on mobile phone. You can download application from Android market.

„Dycode software“ offers to move orders to the „cloud“

eOrder elektroninių užsakymų valdymo sistema Information technology company „Dycode software“ offers new software based on clouds computing principles… Read more

eOrder free for small companies

eOrder - order collecting and processing service

eOrder® is FREE for small companies.

eOrder® does all the hard work to collect regular sales orders and automatically import them in suppliers accounting/CRM/Warehouse system. Suppliers reduce up to 75% sales order processing costs.


Gifts for ProSama 2010 users

Exhibition  - Resta 2010

We will show our newest construction cost estimating solution – ProSama 2010, in exhibition „RESTA 2010“.

We invite you to visit our stand in fifth hall on April 14 – 17. Gifts are prepared for every our visitor!


Present newest construction cost estimating solution – ProSama 2010.

ProSama 2010We present our newest software package for construction estimates creation – ProSama 2010. Find more information here.
ProSama 2010 will love construction estimate professionals who are interested in accurate estimates and rapid calculations.

Universal electronic ordering solution – eOrder

eOrder – complete solution for handling electronic orders for customers who don’t use EDI or can’t provide electronic order directly from their ERP or accounting system.
Based on SimpleUBL library with possibility to add e-invoicing and electronic signature.

PEPPOL conference (Oct 21-23)

PEPPOL conference
Dycode Software will participate in PEPPOL conference in Copenhagen (Oct 21-23). We will present our solutions for electronic documents processing and e-business.
Visit conference on wednesday and have a chat with us or schedule a meeting during conference days. See you in Copenhagen!

New partner in Spain

new partner
We welcome our new partner Edatalia, which is going to provide solutions based on SimpleUBL library in Spain.

SimpleUBL v1.1 – Two phase validation

All SimpleUBL releases now fully supports two step validation as stated in UBL 2.0 and upcoming UBL 2.1 standards. You can now easily validate any Universal Business Language sub standard (OIOUBL, NESUBL etc.) by providing schematron to value validator function.

New reseller partner

new reseller
At the end of August, new reseller partner signed a partner agreement with Dycode Software. This is INFOSISTEMA, which is going to provide SimpleUBL solution for Portugal clients.

SimpleUBL v1.0 for Linux

Linux users can now integrate our SimpleUBL product to their systems. All features are supported in all platform versions. You can download and try out Linux version from download page.

SimpleUBL v1.0 released

simple ubl released
We are pleased to announce that SimpleUBL v1.0 is released. SimpleUBL is a complete UBL 2.x (Universal Business Language) implementation for .Net, C++ and OLE/COM Automation environments.
You can simple create, parse and validate all 31 UBL documents without concern about XML. For further information please see our documentation.


ProSama box

ProSama - tai paprasta sąmatų rengimo ir skaičiavimo programa vidutinėms ir mažoms įmonėms.

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SimpleUBL box

SimpleUBL- SimpleUBL is a complete Universal Business Language implementation

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